Saturday, 2 April 2016

RSPCA Inspector Mike Reid - Final Call

2016 has started off badly with the very sad news that another of my colleagues has died.

Mike Reid had been called out at the height of Storm Imogen to check on  a flock of seabirds that had apparently been forced down onto rocks and were being battered by the high winds and heavy seas.

There would likely have been very little that anyone could have done given the conditions and it may well have been that they were weathering the storm in a normal manner but no RSPCA Inspector could take that chance and certainly not Mike.

Sadly his RSPCA vehicle was found nearby the following morning  and after days of extensive searching by the Police ,  Coastguard and the RSPCA it has been presumed that he was swept out to sea.

Although originally from the Wirral Mike had been one of the Cornish based RSPCA Inspectors for most of his career and we regularly met at joint group meetings, training and rescues. You usually heard him before you saw him as his infectious laugh always proceeded him into any room.

One of the few really genuine 'nice guys' it has been my pleasure to know. 

Hopefully the RSPCA will institute a rescue award in his name that will ensure his memory and devotion to duty lives on with each new intake of RSPCA Inspectors. 

RSPCA Inspector Mike Reid - End of watch February 7th 2016.