Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Police Dogs killed by handler

Yet another Police Officer has left their dogs to die in a hot car. This time it is a Police Sergeant from the Metropolitan Police and it even happened at their Training Center.


It seems that some of these 'handlers' treat their dogs just as tools of the trade and whilst the majority of Dog handlers put their dogs first there are some that clearly would be better off looking after nothing more valuable than a stack of traffic cones.

It is an honour and a privilege to work with animals particularly ones who are prepared to lay down their life to protect you. There should be no second chances or cover ups for these evil people and the full weight of the law must come down on any person, Police Officer or not, who does such a horrendous and despicable act. This guy needs to be prosecuted and thrown in jail with all the other abusers and criminals. He apparently has 'previous' as a dog he was training died.

I certainly don't want to hear the Police whining about implementing new procedures and safeguards to prevent it happening again - it shouldn't have happened in the first place , it isn't too difficult to comprehend the risk of leaving dogs in vehicles.

There are many websites devoted to Police Dog Memorials and some are truly moving but unfortunately there are a significant number of dogs that have died as a result of errors by their handlers. I fully support the Police but this must be the last time any dogs are killed by inadequate handlers.

A K9 Prayer.

Oh almighty God, whose great power and eternal wisdom embraces the universe, watch over my handler while I sleep.

Protect my handler from harm while I am unable to do so.

I pray, help keep our streets and homes safe while my handler and I rest.

I ask for your loving care because my handler's duty is dangerous.
Grant my handler your unending strength and courage in our daily assignments.

Dear God, protect my brave handler, grant your almighty protection, unite my handler safely with the family after the tour of duty has ended.

I ask nothing for myself.


~Author unknown.