Sunday, 6 November 2011


Well for all of you that don't know I'm now back working full time as an Inspector, this time for the SPCA in Bermuda. There are lots of challenges but the work is exciting (and slightly more dangerous than usual) with a multitude of Horse, Pig and Pit Bull complaints to deal with.
You might be surprised to know that apart from the Pit Bull issue there are no stray dog problems in Bermuda. The problem is that there are very few adoptable dogs full stop !!! If you don't want a Pit cross then you are out of luck .

And don't get me started on Feral cats !! They are a major problem and are currently in a turf war with the Feral Chickens . When Chickens turn wild could be the title of my book ! There I am looking at all these chickens running around with tiny fluffy chicks and cockeralls cock a doodle doing all over the place thinking 'Ah how cute' when all I hear from the locals is curses and gnashing of teeth as the birds root around in their flower beds. I got the same response from a friend in Australia when I went all misty eyed at the sight of some Kangaroos and their babies in her field. All I got was a frantic ranting and a search for some big rocks to chase the 'overgrown vermin' out of her hay field. I guess one mans pet is another mans pest.

Still, it is truly a beutifull Island and as soon as I get a day off I'll take advantage of the fabulous beaches.