Tuesday, 16 November 2010

DVS and Dog Shooting

Well apparently the DVS in Malaysia are going to ban shooting dogs ! I'll believe it when it actually happens. Everyone is patting themselves on the back and taking credit for this "achievement" in November 2010 - strange , I recall being in a meeting with the DVS in January or February 2009 when they said they would ban shooting dogs - so what the hell happened ? Almost 2 years has gone by and still dog shooting is going on. See you at the 2012 banning of dog shooting DVS meeting !!!!!!!!

Likewise they are apparently starting an animal welfare committee - whoa ! talk about deja vu - that was also mentioned in the meeting in 2009 which we had at Putrajaya as a result of the OIE recomendations on animal welfare. Same plans - have a number of sub committes to discuss companion animal issues, farm animal issues, wildlife issues etc . 2 years down the line everyone is going over old ground. Seems nothing is ever done until the proverbial s**t hits the fan like the killing of a high profile owned dog or someone films something they shouldn't and then everyone starts talking animal welfare just long enough for the heat to go away and then animal welfare gets the boot till next time.

Back in KL

Well after the flight being delayed by 40 minutes on takeoff at Stanstead in the UK it still arrived at LCCT in Malaysia 15 minutes early !!!! Go figure . Must have taken a short cut or the pilot put his foot down . If they can knock an hour off the flight once why can't they do it every time.

Driving back home I saw that the temperature was 26 degrees Celcius at mid-night. Far cry from back in the UK