Saturday, 12 February 2011

BFM Radio Interview.

BFM the Business Radio Station in Malaysia were kind enough to invite me on their afternoon show to talk about animal welfare issues.

They were also interested in the recent poodle abuse case on Facebook and the lack of effective enforcement of existing animal welfare legislation here in Malaysia.

Thank you Meera (the presenter) and all at BFM for the invite.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Animal welfare legislation and CSI workshop

I will be running 2 one day workshops on Saturday19th and Sunday 20th March covering animal welfare legislation and evidence gathering.

The aim of the workshops is to explain how the legal system works, the legislation currently in place to protect animals in Malaysia and how you can start thinking like a professional animal cruelty investigator. Now whilst you cannot prosecute people for cruelty yourself you can pass any evidence you come across to the appropriate authorites . Do you know the difference between real evidence , documentary evidence, hearsay evidence , circumstantial evidence and direct evidence ? Do you know how to collect it in such a manner athat it is admissable in Court ? Does your vet know how to write a statement so that it can be used in legal proceedings ?

The workshop is open to anyone from animal rescuers who might have to take an abused dog to a veterinary surgeon and want to put a file together so that they can make a complaint to the Police or DVS right through to someone who is just curious as to how the law works and wants to know more about animal welfare in Malaysia.

Venue - Education Room SPCA at Jalan Kerja Air Lama .

Date and Time - Saturday 19th March 2011 and Sunday 20th March 2011 . 10 am till 2 pm

Schedule :

  • 10 - 11 am - Introduction and presentation on the Animal Protection Legislation in Malaysia and the legal system and procedures.

  • 11 - 11.45 am - What constitutes evidence, how to collect and present it in a legal manner. How to write a Police report, veterinary statement and record investigation information.

  • 11.45 - 12pm Coffe / Tea Break.
  • 12 -12.45 pm - Photographic Evidence and Crime Scene Investigation.

  • 12.45 - 1.30pm - Animal Welfare Investigation Techniques

  • 1.30 - 2pm - General Q & A session.

Resources - Participants at the course will recieve a folder containing the current legislation and print outs of the power point presentations and a selection of blank forms and templates along with an 'CSI Animal Welfare' baseball cap and a certificate .

Cost 50 RM per person

Booking a place - There will be a maximum of 15 people per day. Please contact me via e-mail for more information or to book a place.

Don't be a chicken - book your place today !