Wednesday, 20 April 2011

RSPCA Photos and Awards

My first rescue after being posted to the Brecon Beacons in the winter of 1994/5. A mountain pony had fallen through snow into a mountain stream and was trapped with just it's front legs on the bank. Luckily my fellow Inspector Jim Farr who had been posted out with me was able to assist and together we managed to pull her out. Then had to find our white RSPCA vans in a blizzard.
Horses were always the main problem, whether it was in the Welsh Valleys, Bristol or even Hereford. I always ended up with the big cases no-one else would touch. Nice to get some recognition for all the hours of hard work.

When the Sea Empress oil tanker ran aground as it was trying to enter Milford Haven Harbour in West Wales I was one of the first three Field Staff deployed to assess the impact and start rescue operations.
Being presented with my medal and certificate by Peter Davies the Director General of the RSPCA at the RSPCA RCC (Regional Control Center) in Brecon , Wales.

Looking dodgy in my best 'Dress Blues'. A thorn between roses (Chaps on the end not included)

Even as a trainee I was destined to deal with equines. I was awarded the Antonia Parry Award for best equine knowledge.

The actual Antonia Parry shield. Can't believe how young I looked.

RSPCA Passing out ceremony after 6 months of grueling boat, rope and legal training. Class A 1994